Quilting Services

All of our quilting designs are priced by the square inch rather than by bed size as there is no real standard quilt sizes. All quilts are done in the order in which they are received and in courtesy to all of our customers, we do not do rush orders.

To figure the square inches of your quilt you need to measure the length and width in inches. Multiply these two numbers together then multiply by .02.
For example:

If your quilt measures 90 x 108...

90 x 108 = 10,368 x .02 = 194.40

There is a $45 minimum for all quilting.

Thread will be matched as closely as possible to your quilt. There will be a $5.00 minimum charge on thread. Variegated threads will be a $7.50 charge. We like to use cone threads so please do not bring small spools to be used.
We keep the following batts in stock as prepackaged, precut sizes:
Hobbs Poly Down - White and Black, Wool, Dream Poly—White and Black, Warm and Natural—cotton Cream, Dream Cotton—White and Cream, Dream Puff and Dream Oriental.

The following are sizes available:
Crib 46 x 60 Full 92 x 96 Craft 36 x 46
Throw 60 x 60 Queen 92 x 108
Twin 72 x 92 King 121 x 121

If you supply the lining, please be sure it measures at least 4” larger than the length and width of the quilt top. We can also supply the lining from our own fabric at the retail cost. If the lining requires piecing, we can do this for a $20. We do not like seamed minkee. If using a wide back not purchased from this store, please buy extra and tear so that it is square. If you have a pieced quilt back, please make sure it is squared. You will be charged a fee if we have to square up your back.

Bias Bindings can be put on at Quilt ‘N Stitch. We provide the following services. (You must provide the fabric for the binding.)
1. The fee to half bind in $.20 per linear inch. (Half bind is where we attach the binding to the quilt front and you sew down the back.
2. If we do complete binding, finishing on the machine the fee is $.25 per linear inch.

Yardage required for binding: 60” x45” — 1/2 yard: 90” x 72” — 5/8 yard: 81” x 96” — 2/3 yard: 90” x 108” — 3/4 yard: 120” x 120” — 1 yard.

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